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FINDING PICASSO - NEW Movie in Pre-Production---

New York, NY (October 9, 2012): Xpress Films, First Line Entertainment, and Billionaires Row Films producing new film: Finding Picasso.

Finding Picasso is the fictional tale of an underground artist who finds an apprentice; teaching him the ways of the painter and the values of life. As the apprentice gains footing in the world of art, the line between selling out and keeping true to his art begins to blur. The story takes us from the darkest spots of New York to the brightest of the world's most exclusive events.

Art is more than just paint and canvas. It is love, joy, friendship, growth, hate, anger, and deceit, commenting heavily on the notion that art has gotten stale over the last few decades. We are looking for meaning in works produced, many still looking for a new household name- the new Warhol, Basquiat, or Pollack.

Finding Picasso melds the true stories of celebrity artist/designer, MAG, graffiti artist/designer, Don Jezzy, and painter, Pablo Mustafa.

MAG is a New York legend in artistic design (www.punkyourchucks.com) who cut his teeth on the hard streets of the Upper West Side's Washington Heights, before transitioning to custom designs and Chucks for the likes of Will Smith, Chad Szeliga, Def Leppard, and many others.

Pablo Mustafa is an up and coming painter (www.pablomalbilal.blogspot.com) who's works have been displayed at 5 Pointz, a mural commission for the Buswick Art Park, upcoming display at the Traffic Gallery in Dubai, Family Business Gallery, Recess Gallery, Times Square, and his work is currently the centerpieceof a four month run at the MoCADA Museum. After being featured in the latest issue of Studio Visit Magazine, Pablo was commissioned to do a work for the New York Knicks presented by Billionaires Row (www.billionairesrow.com). Pablo has been compared to Kenny Scharf by famed art critic Jerry Saltz.

Don Balladin (Don Jezzy) is the owner and founder of the premier brand, Swagstar Nation (www.facebook.com/1swag1). Not also is he a b-boy, but an original member of the R&B group K.I.N.G.S..

Finding Picasso is produced by Xpress Films (Redemptio, Claustrophobia), First Line Entertainment (Bobby, Tar), and Billionaires Row Films. Miriam Brandt will be in care of Production Design, with a script by Ali Abouomar. The film's publicity and PR will be handled by Barbara Gold. Finding Picasso is due out summer 2014.
FINDING PICASSO - NEW Movie in Pre-Production