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...My son received his Jimi Hendrix chucks for Christmas (yes, you delivered them right on time)and they were AMAZING!! The look on his face (it's hard to impress a seventeen year old boy) was absolutely worth every penny I spent. He used every adjective to describe them including "sick" which I think is a good thing! Thank you so much for accepting my rush order. Thank you for making be look cool....if for a brief moment... in my son's eyes. Your artistry, talent and attention to detail was evident. There is only one problem... my daughter who attends Savannah College of Art and Design was home for Christmas. Yep, you guessed it... she now wants her own pair! Thank you, again! :)

...Received the Chucks today and they are AMAZING! Thank you so much and if you could tell MAG thank you also we'd appreciate it. Thank you again! ~ Ryan

...Dear MAG and Gina: Just a quick note to thank you so much for my lovely, stunning Chucks featuring Marvin and K-9! I just cannot get over how wonderful they are and I stand in awe of folks who are as creative as you are. Well Done! Perhaps next year I will order a pair for myself (I'm thinking Gidney and Cloyd from the old "Bullwinkle" show - with their "Scrooch Gun," of course). I am sure that would not present a problem for you to re-create their images. Best wishes from my family to yours - Robin

...Just got my Michael Jackson custom converse! They are absolutely incredible! ~ Lindsay

...I (finally!) received the low boot 60's Hippie Design Shoes that Mag made as a substitute for the Grateful Dead high boot for my daughter, and I absolutely love, love, love them! My daughter wears them practically every day with shorts, with pants, with dresses - doesn't matter, they are her go to shoe. I actually gave away the two cards that were sent with the shoes to people fawning all over the design. The shoes are colorful and beautiful and still cool enough for a tween with a penchant for all things nerdy. Excellent work. I can't stress that enough. Thanks! ~ Lizzie

...Gina, they look amazing. I can't wait to see them. I've wondered over the past several months what MAG would come up with, but he far exceeded my expectations. I can't thank you guys enough. Let MAG know how much I appreciate everything he did. I also enjoyed seeing the shoes on your website & Facebook. That was pretty cool as well. Really looking forward to seeing them in person. Thanks again...Dan

...Received the chucks today and my daughter went crazy. She loved them and they were worth the wait. The response i got from my child makes me very happy with your shoes. And i will be more than happy to let all our friends and family know about you and your talented shoes. You are an extremely great artist. Thank you very much for the shoes, once again they are beautiful. We will be ording more in the future. - Artamis

...OMG they are AMAZING...You are brilliant Mag...wow! I can not wait for him to see them! Send them to me asap! PLEEEEZZZZZE.. Thank you sooooo much! I am in shock...The characters on the side are incredible...and the black and white faces are right on...wow...wow wow is all can say!!!!! Love-Jen

...Gina! Just a quick note to say THANK YOU for getting the shoes here in time for my daughter!!!! :) Santa came through!!! Lol and Hallie (10 year old) FREAKED out!! They are Gorgeous!! Tell Mag that I am a Country (hit) songwriter for SONY TREE publishing / JOHN RICH (of Big and Rich) here in Nashville and everyone is freaking over the shoes and asking me where I got them so hopefully I'm sending business from Nashville TN your way!! Thank you again, and Happy New Year! :) Tammy Hyler :)

...I just wanted to let you know that i received my Twilight chucks today....I was so excited!! They are awesome!!! I love them!! Thank You so much for your service, I will DEFINITELY be ordering another pair. ~Melissa

...Thank you so much! They are absolutely gorgeous. I just wanted to let you know I am so appreciative of the work put into these, they are so beautiful and capture HisGoldenEyes so wonderfully. Especially on such a tight schedule! So excited to wear them to the LA New Moon webcast. Mag really has a gift. :)...Kimmy West, HisGoldenEyes.com

...Hi Gina & Mag, Thank you very much for my shoes! They arrived this week and my daughter, Ema & I absolutely love them. We have already had many lovely comments, a couple of my friends say that they are now saving up for a pair of their own. Thank you again! Regards, Trish

...Hey I just wanted to let you know I got my shoes today. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for makin me an awesome pair of shoes...Nikki

...OMG!!! I just got my twilight shoes. The are even more beautiful then I could have imagined. I love them so much!!! All my friends will be so jealouse. Love them!! MAG you are the best out there. Thanks for making awesome shoes and beautiful art!...Jenn

...My daughter Just received her GIR!!!! from Invader Zim Punk Your Chucks....they are absolutely phenomenal and Mag is a genius...Thanks so much...Fan pics forthecoming!!!!!...Nicole

...Let me tell ya folks....Mag is one amazing artist! When you see the Big Brothers Big Sisters Chucks on punkyourchucks.com, they're my shoes! They are awesome! Any time I wear them, I ALWAYS get comments on how cool they are, where did I get t...hem or how can they get a custom pair....of course, I direct them to Mag's site!Read More...Mark B.

...My daughter got Twilight Chucks and a bag from Punk Your Chucks. Fantastic! Absolutely top notch artwork and customer service. After All he is the original!...Angelina

...Tell Mag that I just got my shoes.................what words can express my love of them other than..........................LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so....thrilled about them...Cheryl

...No, it's more like thank you Mag because you spent a lot of time on these shoes and how amazing they came out I wish everyday I could paint like you. I look at your website every chance I get and it just astounds me!!!! Thanks again...Wenonah!!! =)

...My daughter Just received her GIR!!!! from Invader Zim Punk Your Chucks....they are absolutely phenomenal and Mag is a genius...Thanks so much...Fan pics forthecoming!!!!!

...Let me tell ya folks....Mag is one amazing artist! When you see the Big Brothers Big Sisters Chucks on punkyourchucks.com, they're my shoes! They are awesome! Any time I wear them, I ALWAYS get comments on how cool they are, where did I get t...hem or how can they get a custom pair....of course, I direct them to Mag's site! - Mark Bowen

...Gina, please relay my complete shock (and awe) at how awesome these turned out to Mag. With the description I gave him, he just nailed it in such a unique and *gorgeous* way. I'm so incredibly impressed. Mag is extremely gifted at this! - Amanda

...EVERYONE loves them! Twitter is going nuts! - Heidi

...Yay yay yay so cool awesome. I really love the Taylor Swift shoes you made. I like how there is a picture of her on them and how her initials are on the heels. They really surprised me when I saw them. I screamed, actually. My mom was getting out of her car when she showed them to me and I screamed for real. I also almost fell down in the driveway. It actually looks like Taylor Swift signed them- it looks like her signature. I am going to wear them to school tomorrow- my friend Abby will be so excited when she sees them. She is smaller than me so if I grow out of them. I can give them to her to grow into. Thanks so much for making them. They are the best and you are the best for making them. You are a great artist. -Anna

...OMG HOW AMAZING! They are fantasti and will awesome on our wedding day! We will let you know when they arrive safely with us, but outstanding work, nice ob, well worth the money! They are being framed on our return! Will send you a pic from the wedding! Big Thanks - Toni & Leigh x

...I just received my Van Gogh vans in the mail, and they are by far the sickest shoes I have ever seen in my life. Your detail and artwork is outrageous, well worth the wait. And thank you so much for the note and pins. Everyone is asking me about these shoes and I'm directing them to you. AWESOME JOB. - Alexandra

...I don't even know what words to use to describe how I feel right now, I just have a big smile on my face, and I can't stop smiling. I looked at my new chucks and they are absolutely perfect, I love love love them. They're perfect. I love that he used some of my ideas but made it more awesome! I love the colors and I especially love the art. They're perfect. Mag is amazing, and I appreciate every second he spent on my new chucks. Please let him know that :) I promise to send a picture in as soon as I receive them. You all have been really great to me, thank you :) - Rachel

...hi mag, the converse are brilliant! everyone loves them, its amazing how you can take a few ideas and develop them into these joyful wonders:) thanks again martin chalk (phil.4v4)

...Please tell MAG I said thanks and WELL DONE!

...Although I received your e-mail that my chucks were done a few days ago, I wanted to wait until I actually received them to thank you properly. I finally got my Star Wars chucks in the mail today. Words cannot describe how AMAZING they are!

...As soon as I got your e-mail, I rushed to check out the site and lo and behold, there they were, my own pair of custom Star Wars chucks, glaring back at me in all their splendor, even more pulchritudinous and ravishing than I could have imagined possible. They truly are works of art.

...Thankx again for the kicks! I was super excited to see the finished product and really blown away when I did!. The logos were on point and the custom artwork was priceless!! Thankx for your support and hookin me and the boys up! The guys were stoked on the ones I got and were non stop talkin about them on the way home. I was scared to take them off and get them robbed!!!!! hahaaha!! The owner of the company saw them and thought they were amazing.!! He wanted pics of them , so i am gonna get him some for his new site. - Brad Gethard, BMX Professional Biker

...Hi MAG-Obviously it is worth my wait...they do look AWESOME!! I can't wait to see them and then see the look on my cousins face. As I think I told you, she is 18 years old and it is a late graduation gift from high school (June 2007). Her favorite place is NYC and her favorite show is Beauty...she is going to freak!! Thank you so much and I'm sure I'll be contacting you again for more Chucks...Take care - Mb

...There is simply no one out there who can provide the quality of custom shoe that MAG can provide. Hands Down, his chucks are miles above the rest and true works of art. There's a few imitators out there that try to market their own custom sneakers but none seem to possess the same creativity or attention to quality and detail that MAG is now reknowned for. Thank you MAG for reintroducing my jaw to the floor. The moment I laid eyes on the serengeti chucks you made as a birthday gift for the light of my life Tara Stevens, I was awestruck. She'll be leaving for Africa for the peace corps in June and this made for the perfect going away present, something I know she will remember always. MAG and his wife Gina treated me with the utmost respect and were able to get me the shoes quickly without sacrificing any quality in the process. I truly felt like a valued customer and not just another quick buck to him and plan on getting more custom shoes from him in the future for my band bum wealthy. Thanks for everything you do MAG, I can't wait to see what designs you roll out next...much love - Steven

...Hey Matt! I just wanted to thank you SO MUCH for my Chucks--THEY ARE INCREDIBLE!! (Whenever a friend walks into my room they're like, "look at those shoes--they're so cool & unique!!"--I show them off by lining my shoes against the wall). Thanks again for creating such a wonderful work of art that I am lucky enough to wear on my feet!! -Lex : ) P.S. Once Jennie comes back to New York (on the 12th of this month) we're going to take pictures of me w/ my Chucks & send them to you...not to worry! - We received this through our myspace email from Alexa Ray Joel, March 3, 2008

...She got them tonight - and LOVED them. She freaked out from what Jenna said. When she opened the box it was Reba's face right there and she was like "That's Reba!!" And Jenna was like "I know...and you're on the other shoe." And Kelly was like "No I'm not!!!" She also showed them to her manager who said she was gonna have to steal them and Kelly said "No you aren't!" haha. - Elizabeth, who gave a pair of our chucks to Kelly Clarkson on 2/7/08

...Hey Mag.,! This is Brad From Hell on Wheels. We met up in charleston at the FMX/BMX show. Good to meet you! I was just checkin out your site!! Designs look amazing!!! You told me to get in touch with you about gettin some chucks?. Def interested if that offer still stands.? You said you wanted some pics in return,...and thats def not a prob.! I can get you some riding pics and chillin pics of the team rockin your work if thats what you'd like.? Lemme know. check out our site, hellonwheels.com thankx! - Brad

...Yes, we did get them and we LOVE them! Cant wait until the weather is a little warmer (say, above 30 degrees!) to sport them. I've already shown them to several people in the hotel who say they will check the website, so hopefully this will generate some new customers for you in the New York region!! I'll get some photos of her in the shoes and send them next week. Your work is absolutely wonderful on these shoes!! Keep up the good work and we'll be in touch about upcoming shows after February. Thanks again!!! - J, touring assistant to Alexa Ray Joel

...hey Mag...Well i finally got my husbands Van Halen sneakers.............and i can honestly say that you are FREAKIN AMAZING !!!!! They are so incredible and i cant wait til Christmas morning. My husband is a guitarist in a band and he will SOOOOOOOOOOO be wearing them on stage every weekend.....i just know it !!!! And lets not forget the urinating on himself thing......i will have a drop cloth ready......lol Thank You sooooooooo much. I will soooooooooo be stopping back for some more Punk'd Chucks !!!!!! - Michele Marino

...Thank you thank you thank you so much it was a pleasure doing business if we don't speak again. - Christy

...ohh my gosh Gina they look unbelievable...thank you for everything!!!! - Rebecca

...Oh my goodness I couldn't be more please! They are fabulous! Thank you so much! You do fantastic work! Everyone that's seen them has loved them as well! Thanks again! - Abby

...received my Nintendo chucks today. They are ten times better than what I expected them to look like. Amazing work. - James

...Thank you so much for the quick reply! I am very excited to wear them and to surprise my daughter with hers. By the way I love your new website! - Stacey

...Just to let you know I received my chucks today and once again they are awesome. Thanks again. - MissBeetle (Nicola)

...Wow, I am blown away by how great they are. They are so cool. She is going to love them. Thank you so much! Jeanine

...Thank you for giving away so much time and consideration on writing me back. I appreciate it dearly and will love my two pairs of excellent work. - Christie

...Thank you so much for the photos. Maybe it's PMS, but honest-to-God I got all teary eyed. Melissa is going to love them and probably have them autographed at the convention. You guys are certainly artists and the absolute best to work with. I can't thank you enough. When you put them on the website, please mention that Melissa Meehan is the LOTR fan-atic. I'm just the one who buys the stuff for her!! - Cathy

...We received the shoes and they are beautiful. My son loves them. Thank you so much. - Linda

...thank you soooooo much and I am so thrilled you have no idea! the bag will look amazing I know it! all your work is stunning, thank you so much and keep in touch! - Aubrey

...Hey! Just wanted to say these shoes are amazing, absolute fan of converse and this makes me love them even more! - Jade

...First .... i just want to thank yall for doin this, second yall have the sickest shoes i have ever seen in my life! - Steven

...My daughter thinks they are awesome and can't wait to be the envy of all her friends. - Rochelle

...Awesome sneakers. My Daughter was thrilled. I think she's going to never take them off! - Alex

...The shoes came on Saturday.... they are so cool .....thank you for your perfect service .. it was great - Amy

...Hi, Just wanted to let you know I got the sneakers and they are all awesome! Thanks so much. I will let you know when I need more! - Viki

...Thank you so much....your service has bin great ! - Ami

...We received the Chucks, wonderful, the girls are so happy!!!! The painting is real great work. Say thank You to the artist! - Claudia and Uli

...Thank you for everything. I have to tell you, I love, love, love the first shoe more than the second shoe even though it's great as well. Your husband is a very talented man to say the least!!! - Elizabeth

...Thanks, Gina... They arrived before 11 AM today.... Mason will be very pleased when he sees them... (Matt, you did an excellent job!) - Sandra

...hullo! I'm Kelly, and I'm converse CRAZY, like I really really like converse. a bit of an understatement. well anyways just thought I should tell you that your artist is now my hero, YOUR AMAZING! - Kelly

...Hi Gina, I want to thank you for the wonderful job your husband did on the cons for Zoe. I want to also thank you for always being in touch and communicating so well. Plus getting the cons to me on time for Zoe's birthday. Zoe LOVED her Green Day cons. Her birthday was such a success. She hasn't taken them off. Her friends were in awe of them. They never saw anything that cool. I think she is going to be the hit of her school. I highly recommend you and your husband to many of my friends. Thanks - Jeanine

...Hi! Wow guys, well done they really are super cute! - Stella

...Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!! They look wonderful and she enjoyed then on Saturday at her function! I think that the other children may just want some too! We TOTALLY appreciate your help and service! We will highly recommend your great talent and website. She is already considering what to get next! Again...... thank you so much and we look forward to future PUNKYOURCHUCKS! - CK